Set your child on the path to success
and a lifetime relationship with Christ

Children’s Church

How do you set your child on the path to success and a lifetime relationship with Christ? Bring them to children's church! Youth Ministry is the component of The Glory Center dedicated to that end. We inspire our children to love Christ and grow in Him through age-appropriate ministry and teaching them how to have fun experiencing God for themselves. Children ages 3 to 12 years old experience the power of God's Word on their own level, much like you do in the adult services. Your children will experience praise and worship, incredible object lessons, interactive games and powerful truths.

Teen Ministry

Our teen ministry is a generation of young people who live on a higher plain of existence, making the choice to turn away from the destructive forces of selfishness, immorality, alcohol and drugs, prejudice and so many other things that steal away our futures. Instead we turn our hearts towards God, to his Word that leads our life and brings forth our destiny. We are dedicated to starting where our young people are and to helping them develop a strong, healthy relationship with Jesus Christ, their families and friends. We are asking God to give your teenager an authentic faith that is their own. Simply, we want to help them fall in love with Jesus and live out a godly lifestyle. In our culture, it is no longer considered rebellious to disrespect authority, have sex outside of wedlock, tell a dirty joke, do drugs, be violent, ect ... It seems to many teens that it is no longer rebellion because "everyone is doing it!" At The Glory Center, we want to help.